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Frequently Asked Questions

First time working with a chalk artist? The Chalk Chica has all the answers you'll need to find out how the process works, what types of services are offered and anything else related to...well, chalk!


What Kind of Chalk Art Services Do You Provide?

The Chalk Chica provides hand drawn chalk art for projects related to:

  • Chalk Wall Designs (corporate, residential, special event); please note: The Chalk Chica does NOT provide painting services for chalk walls. 

  • Signage for Special Occasions (weddings, birthdays, parties, corporate events, happy hours, etc.)

  • Live Chalking during special events (tradeshows, corporate events, conventions, etc.)

Chalk art services NOT provided: street/sidewalk art, optical illusion, 3D designs


How Do I Book You?


Email is the best way to receive a timely response to your inquiry. Please include the nature of your project needs, such as:


- Total number of chalkboards required

- Approximate sizes/dimensions

- Info/Design required for chalk art (reference images are welcome)

- Time frame for completion


An upfront deposit and signed Payment Policy Agreement must be in place in order to book The Chalk Chica


Do you do 3D or sidewalk chalk art?

Unfortunately, the Chalk Chica doesn't offer these types of services. However, there are a ton of talented 3D and sidewalk chalk artists that are only an online search away! 


Are Your Chalk Art Designs Permanent?

All chalk art designs done with regular drawing chalk is not permanent. There is currently not an effective method or product for sealing or protecting art done with regular drawing chalk (the hairspray technique is only effective on graphite and charcoal mediums, not chalk). However, if the surface is left untouched/undisturbed, drawing chalk will not fade, chip or flake off so it is long lasting in that sense.


Chalk art done with chalk ink pens/markers lasts much longer than drawing chalk. There are waterproof formulas that will preserve chalk art and prevent smudging. This type of product is ideal for chalkboard projects that will be on display indoors or outdoors and in high traffic areas.


It is important to note that applying chalk ink pens/markers on chalkboard painted walls will be permanent and won't erase cleanly or completely. 


How Much Do You Charge?

All onsite projects are charged an hourly rate. “Take home” projects, where the chalkboards can be taken offsite to work on in The Chalk Chica’s home studio, have a flat, all-inclusive rate. Please contact The Chalk Chica directly for specific rate info.






Do You Provide/Sell/Rent Chalkboards?

The Chalk Chica does not have an inventory of chalkboards for sale, rental or to provide clients with. The client must provide the chalkboard(s) for projects. Should The Chalk Chica be required to order chalkboards, reimbursement costs will be added onto the agreed upon rate.


Great resources for finding/ordering chalkboards include the following online sites:


- Amazon:

- Billy Boards:

- The Webstaurant Store:

- NeoPlex Manufacturing:


*Please note: The Chalk Chica does not endorse/is not endorsed by any companies listed

Why do you book so far in advance?

The Chalk Chica books 3-4 weeks in advance on a first come, first serve basis. This ensures and increases the odds for satisfactory results. There is a process when it comes to taking on a project that includes but is not limited to: the time it takes to discuss a client's needs, receiving the information needed to render a pencil sketch, the time required to have that sketch revised and approved, confirming whether chalkboards have been purchased or need to be ordered (and the time frame for delivery of the chalkboards), then arranging a date and time to perform the actual work.


Because this process is so crucial to producing quality end results and to respect the clients who planned their projects in advance, last minute turnaround projects cannot be accommodated.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

The Chalk Chica currently accepts the following forms of payment:


  • Cash 

  • Check (personal/business) 

  • Credit card/debit card (via Square or PayPal)

  • Venmo

Is There More Than One Chalk Chica?


The Chalk Chica is a one-gal operation so from beginning to end, you’ll be dealing directly with one person.

Are You Hiring?


The Chalk Chica is a one-gal operation and does not hire employees, contractors, interns or other artists.

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